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Helichrysum italicum

The sublime properties of the "everlasting" Helichrysum italicum

Golden Magician of The Sun

A plant with so many benefits at so many levels can be almost called a miraculous Plant! Helichrysum in its wonderful fluidifying nature of high vibrational energy can be seen as the “super-liquid” floral liberator of physical as well as psycho-spiritual blocks or old “scars” that obstruct the flow of our subtle self-healing energies. A magical rod for body and soul – healing balm on the bruises of many open or hidden wounds…

The name “Helichrysum” is derived from the Greek language meaning “Gold of the Sun” alluding to the brilliant and colorful radiance of its small button-like flowers which may range from yellow to red except blue.

“Because of my mixed and very sensitive skin, it’s hard to find a product that fits me. Luckily, I’ve discovered Helichrysum Hydrolat: It changed my life! After using it for 15 days, my skin is less reactive and the blood circulation increased (including below the eyes, so I have less dark under-eye circles) Even my beautician has been impressed. I highly recommend this floral water.” – Laura

Properties of Helicrysum

EMOTION: Relaxing of deeply rooted emotional stress, helps with (PTSD) Post traumatic Stress disorders, against depression, lethargy and nervous exhaustion.

MIND: Stimulates the right side of the brain, supports the development of intuition and creativity.


BLOOD: blood purifier, anti-congestive, enhances arterial circulation, anti-coagulant, blood-thinning properties: thus application against high cholesterol levels

Curcumene: anti-septic, reduces inflammation’s

IMMUNITY: supports against certain bacterial infections, inhibits inflammatory enzymes, free radical scavenger, anti-oxidant, immune system boost.

JOINTS: supportive effect on arthritis, polyarthritis and rheumatism, against stiff joints.

SKIN: Di-ketones: Regenerative and rejuvenating properties, skin purifier, improves wound-healing, first aid for: eczema, acne, burns, cuts and abscesses

MUSCLES: Neryl-acetate: muscle relaxant, spasmolytic – Against neck pain and painful muscle-contractions.

ORGANS: Choleretic qualities help against peptic discomfort, detoxifying the liver, removing heavy metals.